DTI-1250 Heat Treating Batch Oven


Exterior Dimensions  5′-0″ L x 6′-4″ W x 7′-0″ H (1524mm x 1930mm x 2134mm)
Interior Dimensions 3′-4″ L x 3′-0″ W x 2′-6″ H (1016mm x 914mm x 762mm)
Heat Source Single electric heater controlled by SCR
Max Operating Temp  1250°F (677°C)
Design Operating Temp 1120°F +/-10°F (604°C)
Insulation Thickness  12″ (2″ cermaic blanket backed by 10″ of mineral wool)
Operating voltage  480-volt /3-phase /60-hertz
Airflow Horizontal cross flow
Circulation Fans One (1) Circulation Fan
Controls Digital Indicating temperature control with ramp/soak capabilities


This batch oven is used to heat treat steel components used in the automotive industry. The parts are loaded in a basket and then loaded into the batch oven chamber. The oven is designed to process 600 pounds of product per batch. The door which is located on the front of the oven is a pneumatically powered automatic door. The operator pushes the open button to open the door, product is loaded into the heated chamber and the operator pushes the close button to close the door. After the heat treating cycle is complete the operator pushes the open button and the door opens and the basket is removed from the oven.


Heat Treating Batch Oven Construction Features

  • The oven features a structural steel frame internal to the insulated walls to support the entire oven.
  • The interior of the oven is constructed of 321 stainless steel.
  • The exterior of the oven is constructed of carbon steel and painted with high temperature paint.
  • The oven utilizes 12” of insulation: 2” of ceramic blanket backed by 10” of mineral wool insulation.
  • Airflow within the chamber is a horizontal cross flow pattern.

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