DTI-1244 Double Tier Indexing Pre Heating Conveyor Oven


Overall dimensions 19′-0″ wide x 10′-4″ high x 36′-0″ long (5791mm x 3150mm x 10973mm)
Contact Heating System dimensions 10′-0″ wide x 8′-0″ high x 9′-4″ long (3048mm x 2438mm x 2845mm)
Forced Convection Oven dimensions 12′-0″ wide x 4′-8″ high x 9′-9″ long (3658mm x 1422mm x 2972mm)
Insulation thickness  6″ (152mm)
Maximum operating temperature  500°F (260°C)
Operating temperature range  200°F – 500°F (93°C – 260°C) Convection Oven
200°F – 500°F (93°C – 260°C) Contact Heating System
Fans One (1) circulation fan, one (1) exhaust fan
Airflow  Vertical down
Operating voltage  480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control  PLC with Operator Touch Screen for all functions
Misc Heat source for Forced Air Convection Oven is natural gas
  Heat source for Contact Heating System is electric tubular heaters


The DTI-1244 indexing conveyor oven pre heats interior components used in the automotive industry. Product can be loaded on the oven conveying system with an automated pick-and-place system or manually by operators. One product is conveyed through the upper level of the system and heated by contact heating.

Another product is conveyed through the lower level of the oven and heated by forced air convection. After the preheating process is complete, both products exit the two levels of the oven simultaneously. They are then matched together to form a preheated vehicle set ready to be press formed as a single unit. The cycle time can be varied depending on product and production rate.

The conveying systems for both the upper and lower levels operate in an indexing manner. As a preheated set indexes out of the heated areas new blanks are indexed into the heated areas to be preheated.


Upper Level Contact Heating Features

  • This system utilizes an upper and lower heated platen.
  • The lower platen remains in a fixed position and the upper platen travels vertically.
  • Heat is provided to the platens by tubular heaters mounted in holes drilled in the thickness of each platen.
  • Each platen includes 8 zones of temperature control to provide adjustment across the entire surface of the platen.
  • The press force of the system is only the force required to raise the upper platen.
  • Hard stops provide adjustment for closed thickness.
  • The upper platen utilizes a teflon coated cover to prevent the product from sticking.
  • The lower platen is covered by the teflon coated conveyor belt to prevent product from sticking.

Lower Level Forced Convection Oven Features

  • The oven is heated by a single natural gas full modulating burner system.
  • The oven utilizes 1 circulation fan
  • Airflow within the heated chamber is a vertical down pattern impinging heated air on the top face of the product.
  • The oven utilizes 1 exhaust fan
  • The oven includes 2 hinged access doors for cleaning, maintenance, and inspection.
  • The entrance and exit end of the oven utilize a pneumatically operated vertical door.
  • The conveyor belt for this section is a flat wire type belt.
Bringing the heat

The manufacturer’s guide to successful automotive textile thermal processing

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The manufacturer’s guide to successful automotive textile thermal processing

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