DTI-1240 Contact Preheat System


Overall dimensions 8′-0″ L x 10′-0″ W X 6′-0″ H (2438mm x 3048mm x 1829mm)
Platen dimensions 6′-5″ L x 8′-2″ W (1956mm x 2489mm)
Press Force 2 tons
Heat Source Electric for upper platen and heated fluid for lower platen
Maximum Operating Temperature 500°F (260°C)
Operating Temperature Range  200°F – 500°F (93°C – 260°C)
Operating voltage  480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control  Digital Indicating set point and over temperature controls
Misc Control panel assembled in accordance with UL508A guidlines


This contact heater system is used to preheat carpet products used in the automotive industry to make interior components. The system features 2 heated platens. The upper platen is heated by electric tubular heaters that are inserted into drilled holes in the thickness of the platen. This platen is divided into 8 zones of control in order to provide optimal heating across the entire surface. The lower platen utilizes hot water (glycol) for heating. The lower platen also includes drilled holes that accommodate fluid ports over the entire area of the platen. The upper platen has an operating temperature range of 200°F – 500⁰F and the lower platen operates at temperatures up to 210⁰F.

Product is manually loaded onto the lower platen. The upper platen travels vertically to the product during the preheating cycle. The pressing force is applied by the upper platen vertical travel. The opening/closing force required is provided by a hydraulic system. The location of the lower platen is fixed and the upper platen travels to adjustable hard stops to control platen spacing for material thickness. After the preheating cycle is complete the product is manually unloaded from the lower platen. Both the upper and lower platens are provided with teflon coated covers to prevent the product from sticking.


Contact Preheat System Construction Features

  • The entire frame system is constructed of carbon steel and painted with high temperature paint.
  • All structural members are sized based on the requirements of the system in regards to forces present and overall mass of the equipment.
  • The heated platens are machined from plate.
  • Platen covers are held in place by springs spaced around the perimeter of the covers.
  • Guarding is included on all sides of the system for safety.

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