DTI-1213 Infrared Indexing Conveyor Oven


Overall dimensions 26′-0″ L x 9′-0″ W x 5′-4″ H (7925mm x 2743mm x 1626mm)
Conveyor dimensions 26′-0″ L x 6′-2″ W (7925mm x 1880mm)
Insulation thickness  6″ (183mm)
Heat Source Electric Infrared Heater Banks
Maximum operating temperature  752°F (400°C)
Operating temperature range  302°F – 752°F (150°C – 400°C)
Operating voltage  480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control  PLC controls all functions, temperature and output percentage
Misc Full width hoods are included at each end of the oven to provide exhaust for the heat and smoke exiting the oven


The DTI-1213 indexing conveyor oven is a thermoforming solution that is used to preheat a composite material blank prior to press forming.  The composite material blank is used in the manufacturing of interior components for the automotive industry.

The conveying system operates in an indexing fashion and utilizes two heated positions.  The product is manually loaded on the conveying system and indexes into the heated chamber.  The product is heated from above and below by Infrared Panels.  Both heated sections include Infrared Panels above and below the product.  The total system is divided into 36 individual zones of temperature control (each IR panel has independent control) to provide variations of heating across the entire surface of the product blank.

The infrared system is in a drawer arrangement.  In the event maintenance or inspection is required the infrared drawers can be pulled out of the oven location.  The drawers travel is perpendicular to the direction of the conveyor travel through the oven.  This system allows maintenance access to the area above and below the heaters for ease of maintenance.




  • Part to part cycle times are variable and dependent on individual product requirements.
  • In this system a product blank is always being heated


  • The oven is electrically heated by Infrared Panels
  • PLC controlled with operator touch screen (HMI)
  • The infrared heater bank is assembled in a drawer arrangement to provide quick and easy access if maintenance is required.
Bringing the heat

The manufacturer’s guide to successful automotive textile thermal processing

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The manufacturer’s guide to successful automotive textile thermal processing

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