DTI-1175 Indexing Conveyor Curing Oven


Chamber External Dimensions 11′-8″ L x 3′-1″ W x 6′-5″ H (3556mm x 940mm x 1956mm)
Conveyor Usable Size 11′-8″ L x 2′-0″ W (3556mm x 610mm)
Insulation Thickness 4″ (102mm)
Conveyor Extensions 1′-0″ (305mm) entrance and 1′-0″ (305mm) exit
Conveyor Type Open Mesh Flat wire belt
Conveyor Control PLC controlled index based on time
Heat Source Natural Gas Burner
Design Operating Temperature 250°F – 446°F (121°C – 230°C)
Maximum Operating Temperature 464°F (240°C)
Operating Voltage 480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control  PLC control of all functions with operator touch screen (HMI)


The DTI-1175 custom indexing conveyor oven is used to cure disc brake pads for the automotive industry. The oven utilizes a compact design to allow maximum production in a small footprint.

The system includes a curing chamber and cooling chamber in the same piece of equipment. Product is conveyed through the oven in custom designed product baskets. The parts are loaded in the baskets in a vertical orientation. Each basket includes dividers to maintain part segregation and allow for maximum air circulation to each part during the curing cycle. The oven includes 1 load position (prior to the curing chamber), 3 positions in the curing chamber, 1 position in the cooling chamber and 1 unload position outside the cooling chamber. The system includes pneumatic doors located on each end of the system. The doors are open during the index and remain closed during the curing and cooling cycles.



  • In line production reduces work in process
  • Compact footprint saves manufacturing space in the plant
  • Curing and Cooling in same system eliminates handling during manufacturing process


  • Airflow within the curing chamber is vertical top down
  • Conveying system utilizes a VFD for speed adjustment and soft start and stop capabilities for indexing system
  • The system is heated by modulating natural gas burner
  • Entrance end vestibule, heated by radiant heaters, to maintain part temperature coming from the press

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