DTI-1174 Dispensing Hopper



Overall Hopper Dimensions 1′-3″ L x 9′-4″ W x 1′-9″ H (381mm x 2845mm x 533mm)
Operating voltage 480-volt/3-phase/60-hertz
Control PLC with Operator Touch Screen (HMI) for all functions


The DTI-1174 dispensing hopper is used to dispense a powder onto a textile product. The feed system and the hopper together provide a system that dispenses the powder in an even manner from end to end of the textile.

The feeder is located on top of the hopper and provides a means for the powder to be loaded into the hopper. The feeder system travels the full length of the hopper on a linear system. This prevents the powder from entering the hopper in the same location and creating jams within the hopper. The speed of the feeder system is adjustable and is controlled by a variable frequency drive.

The interior of the hopper is 8 cubic feet. The main shaft in the hopper is 6″ diameter and the hopper includes an agitator to keep the powder from packing in the hopper. The main shaft and agitator are independently driven and both utilize variable frequency drives. The hopper utilizes lexan slide gates to control the amount of powder being dispensed from the hopper. The slide gates are adjustable and utilize a ball-screw system for adjustment. The system is designed to allow for mounting on top of existing equipment if needed.

These hoppers can be manufactured for use in the food/snack industry, chemical industry, textile industry and many more. The design of the system allows for complete control of the dispensing process.



  • Hopper is constructed of 10ga steel
  • Hopper utilizes 1″x2″ solid stock for support
  • The bottom of the hopper is supported by 4″x4″ solid steel
  • Main shaft of the hopper is wrapped/knurled for fine powder/media
  • A cleaning brush works in conjunction with the main shaft to keep it clean of media

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