DTI-1113 Curing Conveyor Oven


Chamber External Dimensions 27′-8″ L x 6′-8″ W x 5′-4″ H (8433mm x 2032mm x 1626mm)
Conveyor Usable Size 19′-8″ L x 2′-8″ W x 1′-6″ H (5994mm x 813mm x 457mm)
Insulation Thickness 4″ (102mm)
Conveyor Extensions 1′-8″ (508mm) entrance end 1′-5″ (432mm) exit end
Conveyor Type Wire Mesh Belt
Conveyor Control Variable
Heat Source Two Electric Heaters controlled by SCR’s
Design Operating Temperature 180°F – 221°F (82°C – 105°C)
Maximum Operating Temperature 302°F (150°C)
Operating Voltage 480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control  Closed Loop Temperature Controllers for each zone
Airflow Vertical Top to Bottom
Circulation Fans Two (2) Circulation Fans
Exhaust Fans One (1) Exhaust Fan


The DTI-1113 curing conveyor oven operates in a continuous manner.  The curing oven chamber is divided into two (2) individual zones of control to allow more flexibility for the process requirements.  The oven is used to cure silver epoxy or encapsulant on aluminum product used in the manufacturing of capacitors.  The oven utilizes a 1′-8″ conveyor extension on the entrance of the oven and a 1′-5″ conveyor extension on the exit end of the oven for loading and unloading product.  The conveyor belt is 32″ wide and product is loaded in rows, three (3) wide, across the width of the belt.  The maximum operating temperature of the curing conveyor oven is 221 degrees F.  A pre heat section is included prior to the heated chamber to allow the product to begin the curing cycle prior to entering the forced air section of the heated chamber.  A cooling section is included after the heated chamber to cool product to a safe temperature for operator handling.




This curing conveyor oven is constructed with a structural steel frame to support the entire oven.  The interior of the oven is constructed of aluminized steel and the exterior is carbon steel painted with high temperature paint.  The oven is insulated with 4″ insulation and utilizes a carbon steel flat wire conveyor belt.  The curing conveyor oven heat source is two (2) electric heaters and the oven utilizes two (2) circulation fans and one (1) exhaust fan.

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