DTI-1109 Batch Curing Oven


Exterior Dimensions  30′-0″ W x 13′-10″ H x 12′-0″ D (9144mm x 4216mm x 3658mm)
Interior Dims. of Each Chamber 12′-0″ W x 7′-0″ H x 11′-4″ D (3658mm x 2137mm x 3454mm)
Heat Source Single full modulating natural gas burner package
Maximum Operating Temperature  500°F (260°C)
Design Operating temperature  325°F (163°C)
Insulation Thickness  6″ (152mm)
Chart Recorder Eighteen (18) channel paperless
Operating Voltage  480-volt /3-phase /60-hertz
Airflow Horizontal cross flow
Circulation Fans Two (2) Circulation Fans
Exhaust Fans One (1) Exhaust Fan


This batch curing oven is used to cure a varnish on stators used in the manufacturing of electric generators.  The oven utilizes two (2) individual chambers in one (1) common oven body with each chamber accommodating up to six (6) stators.  If both chambers are fully loaded the maximum weight of stators will be 84,000 pounds.  Each chamber utilizes an automated vertical lift door on both the entrance and exit end of the oven.  Each chamber utilizes IR sensors located in the doors to monitor the temperature of each individual stator during the process.  The product temperature of each stator is recorded to a chart recorder.




The batch curing oven is constructed with structural steel framework that supports the entire oven.  Each oven utilizes two (2) sets of automated vertical lift doors located on both the entrance and exit end of the oven.  The oven interior is constructed of aluminized steel and is not painted.  The oven exterior is constructed of carbon steel and painted with high temperature paint.  The oven heat source is natural gas and each oven utilizes one (1) full modulating natural gas burner package.

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