DTI-1031 Muffle Annealing Furnace


Chamber External Dimensions 18′-0″ L x 2′-1″ W x 1′-4″ H (5486mm x 635mm x 406mm)
Interior Dimensions 18′-0″ L x 0′-5″ W x 0′-6″ H (5486mm x 127mm x 152mm)
Base Frame 3′-11″ H (1194mm)
Insulation Thickness 10″ (254mm) ceramic blanket
Heat Source Electric Infrared Panels
Design Operating Temperature 1200°F – 1500°F (649°C – 816°C)
Maximum Operating Temperature 1500°F (816°C)
Operating Voltage 480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control Programmable cascading control system


The DTI-1031 muffle annealing furnace anneals glass components used in the automotive industry. In this particular project, DTI did not provide the custom conveying system. The customer provided all of the custom tooling and conveying chains to move the product through the oven. The process includes product being loaded into custom tooling via a pick and place system. The product travels through the furnace at a rate of approximately 1″ (25mm) per second throughout the entire system. After the product travels through the heated portion of the furnace for the first 12′-0″ (3658mm), it then enters a cool down portion for the final 6′-0″ (1829mm). Bulbs are removed from the custom tooling via a pick and place system.

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