DTI-1011 Baking Conveyor Oven


Chamber External Dimensions 101′-0″ L x 4′-6″  W x 5′-7″ H (30785mm x 1372mm x 1702mm)
Conveyor Usable Size 100′-4″ L x 2′-0″ W x 0′-6″ H (30582mm x 610mm x 152mm)
Insulation Thickness 4″ (102mm)
Oven Conveyor Extensions 3′-4″ (1016mm) entrance end,19′-1″ (5817mm) exit end
Conveyor Type Woven wire mesh belt
Conveyor Control Variable Frequency Drive
Heat Source Four modulating natural gas fired burners
Design Operating Temperature 200°F – 400°F (93°C – 204°C)
Maximum Operating Temperature 400°F (204°C)
Operating Voltage 480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control Closed Loop Digital Temperature Controller


The DTI-1011 conveyor oven is divided into four individually heated zones of control. Each zone is heated by a modulating natural gas fired burner system. The conveyor belt is a wire mesh woven type belt, and extends beyond the entrance and exit ends of the oven to allow for product to be loaded and unloaded from the heated chamber.




Access doors are included along the length of the conveyor oven on each side, providing cleaning and maintenance access. Automatic belt tracking systems are used to track the belt properly during operation. An automatic pneumatic tension system compensates for thermal expansion of the belt during operation, maintaining proper belt tension. The heated chamber is specifically designed to provide a combination of vertical up and down airflow to contact the product from both top and bottom.

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