DTI-1003 Curing Tunnel Oven


Overall Dimensions 27′-8″ L x 4′-2″ W x 4′-2″ H (8433mm x 1270mm x 1270mm)
Interior Dimensions 27′-8″ L x 0′-8″ W x 1″-0″ H (8433mm x 203mm x 305mm)
Insulation Thickness  8″ (203mm)
Heat Source Single electric heater controlled by SCR
Max Operating Temperature  800°F (427°C)
Operating Temperature  800°F (427°C)
Fans One (1) circulation fan, one (1) exhaust fan
Airflow  Horizontal Cross Flow
Operating Voltage  480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control  Digital Indicating Temperature and Over Temperature


The DTI-1003 Curing Tunnel Oven is used to cure a coating on copper wire used in the manufacturing of electric motors.  The cooper wire is one spool and is pulled through the oven chamber by a take up system located on the exit end of the oven.  As the wire completes the curing process it is coiled back on the take up spool.  The oven chamber is at a constant temperature of 800 degrees F.  The oven is designed to work in conjunction with a pre existing material handling system located at the customer’s facility.




This curing tunnel oven is constructed with structural steel framework that supports the entire oven.  The oven interior is constructed of stainless steel and the exterior is carbon steel painted with high temperature paint.  The oven interior and exterior is separated by 8 inches of mineral wool insulation.  The heat source for the oven is a single electric heater controlled by SCR.  The heater box is located on top of the oven and includes the circulation fan.  The airflow within the curing oven is a horizontal cross flow.

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