DTI-7939 Heat Set Curing Oven


Overall dimensions 20′-0″ L x 13′-0″ w x 12′-0″ H (6096mm x 3962mm x 3658mm)
Interior dimensions 16′-0″ L x 8′-0″ W x 4′-0″ H (4877mm x 2438mm x 1219mm)
Insulation thickness  6″ (152mm)
Heat Source single full modulating natural gas burner package
Maximum Operating Temperature  650°F (343°C)
Fans One (1) circulation fan, One (1) exhaust fan
Airflow  vertical top to bottom
Control  programmable controller capable of storing multiple ramp/soak programs.
Miscellaneous Digital indicating over temperature controller
  Oven utilizes one (1) two (2) channel circular chart recorder
  The oven includes a 2′-0″ (610mm) load and unload section of conveyor located outside of the heated chamber on each end of the oven


The DTI-7939 industrial oven cures paper honeycomb products used for the aerospace industry. This batch oven utilizes a conveyor to load and unload product into the oven. Parts are loaded into molds that form the shape of the part. The mold is then placed on the conveyor and indexed into the heated chamber. During the curing cycle, the part is formed to the desired shape of the mold. Once the curing cycle is complete, the mold is indexed out of the heated chamber to the unload section of the conveyor and unloaded. The smaller molds are loaded through the side door via fork lift.




This oven utilizes pneumatically operated vertical doors on both ends of the oven. There is also a smaller door (8′-0″ W x 4′-0″ H) located on the side of the oven for processing smaller parts. The oven heats up at a controlled rate of 10°F per minute to 650°F (343°C). The oven heating system is designed for a maximum product load of 300 pounds.

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