DTI-706 Curing Batch Oven


Exterior Dimensions  2′-6″ L x 4′-6″ W x 10′-0″ H (762mm x 1372mm x 3048mm)
Interior Dimensions 2′-6″ L x 2′-6″ W x 7′-6″ H (762mm x 762mm x 2286mm)
Heat Source Single electric heater controlled by SCR
Max Operating Temperature  500°F (260°C)
Design Operating Temperature  300°F – 500°F (149°C – 260°C)
Insulation Thickness  6″ (152mm)
Operating Voltage  480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Airflow Horizontal cross flow
Circulation Fans One (1) circulation fan
Exhaust Fans  One (1) exhaust fan
Control Digital Indicating Temperature Controller


The DTI-706 batch oven cures silicone rubber on a tubing product. The rubber is added to the tubing, and the product is placed in the batch oven to be cured. The operation is fairly simplistic. The temperature controller is set at the set point temperature. The product is then loaded into the batch oven and soaks at temperature for 30 minutes before unloading. The batch oven utilizes a forced air circulation and exhaust fan to exhaust a small amount of solvents present in the process.

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