If you’re familiar at all with our work, then you already know Davron is the industry leader in creating industrial ovens of all kinds for our manufacturing clients.

This expertise extends to our production of custom industrial batch ovens, and we have deep experience designing and building batch ovens for the variety of applications and requirements our customers have.

It would be easier to tell you what our custom batch ovens can’t do, but that list is small or non-existent. So, we’ll take a shot at listing out some of the features and elements our customers enjoy when they get a custom batch oven designed and built by the experts here at Davron.

  • We design and manufacture batch ovens based heat, sizing, or material requirements
  • Our custom batch ovens can come as gas, oven, infrared, or electric
  • Each oven is designed based on custom width, depth, and height requirements
  • Our ovens are designed superior to the standard tongue and groove ovens you’ll find elsewhere
  • Customers can request horizontal swing, vertical, or even hanger style doors to be operated manually or automatically
  • Each of our custom batch ovens is built with a structural steel frame for durability and efficiency
  • Clients can dictate whether they require manual or automatic unloading batch ovens
  • Our batch ovens are built with a welded steel framework, and can be controlled through a simple digital control or more PLC control for more complex needs.
  • Every Davron batch oven is built to UL 508A guidelines for electrical enclosures

Like we said, the options are nearly endless.

The only mandatory for a Davron custom batch oven is the care and specific attention each customer is given throughout the design, build, and delivery process. We start with your unique problem, and build a custom solution to deliver on the business objectives your company needs.

To find out more about our custom batch ovens, or to inquire about your own projects; feel free to contact us.